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Office of Indiana State Chemist Contact Information

If you get the automated message when calling OISC, listen for the following six phone tree options:



1.  Pesticide Licensing:

  • General pesticide licensing information and questions, including continuing education for commercial applicators (Commercial CCHs) and private applicators/farmers (PARP):
    Contact:  Cassie Davis
    Telephone: 765-494-9563

  • Farmers and Restricted Use Pesticide Dealers:
    Contact: Audrey Powell, Telephone: 765-494-6271
    E-mail: powellaw@purdue.edu

  • Commercial Applicators and Businesses:
    Contact: Jill Davis, Telephone: 765-494-1594
    E-mail: davisjs@purdue.edu

  • Pesticide Licensing Manager:
    Contact: Leo Reed, Telephone: 765-494-1588
    E-mail: reedla@purdue.edu

2.  Pesticide Products:

3.  Pesticide Complaint Investigations:

  • Pesticide & Manure Incident Complaints:
    Contact Joe Becovitz
    Telephone: 765-494-1589
    E-mail: becovitz@purdue.edu

  • Pesticide Enforcement:
    Contact George Saxton
    Telephone: 765-494-1582
    E-mail: saxtong@purdue.edu

  • Pesticide Field Investigators, Messages & Clerical Support:
    Contact: Joni Herman, Telephone: 765-494-1585
    E-mail: hermanjd@purdue.edu

  • Pesticide Program Administrator:
    Contact: David Scott, Telephone: 765-494-1593
    E-mail: scottde@purdue.edu
4.  Commercial Feed:

  • Feed Licensing and Primary Contact:
    Contact: Kaycie Laughner, Telephone: 765-494-1551
    E-mail: klaughne@purdue.edu

  • Feed Program Administrator:
    Contact: Trish Dunn, Telephone: 765-494-1550
    E-mail: pwaller@purdue.edu

  • Pet Food:
    Contact: Katie Simpson, Telephone: 765-494-1611
    E-mail: klsimpson@purdue.edu

5.  Fertilizer/Anhydrous Ammonia/Microorganisms:

  • Product Registration, Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting, Microorganisms, Indiana Registry of Soil Scientists:
    Contact: Lisa Mermoud, Telephone: 765-494-1548
    E-mail: lmermoud@purdue.edu

  • Anhydrous Ammonia:
    Contact: Danny Starke, Telephone: 765-561-1420
    E-mail: starked@purdue.edu

  • Fertilizer Control Specialist:
    Contact: Ramona Briggeman, Telephone: 812-698-1576
    E-mail: rbriggem@purdue.edu

  • Containment/Certification, Fertilizer Program Administrator:
    Contact: Matthew E. Pearson, Telephone: 765-494-1547
    E-mail: pearsonm@purdue.edu

6. Agricultural Seed:

  • Clerical, Seed Testing for Farmers:
    Contact: Telephone: 765-494-9832
    E-mail: seedlab@groups.purdue.edu

  • Seed Program Administrator:
    Contact: Jessica McVay, Telephone: 765-494-1556
    E-mail: jgray@purdue.edu

All Other:

  • Inspection Program:
    Contact: Blaine R. Brown, Telephone: 765-494-1552
    E-mail: bbrown01@purdue.edu

  • Indiana State Chemist and Seed Commissioner:
    Contact: Dr. Mark LeBlanc, Telephone: 765-494-1492
    E-mail: leblanc1@purdue.edu

  • Administrative Assistant to State Chemist, Accounting: Payments, Statements:
    Contact: Tammy Beaver, Telephone: 765-494-1578
    E-mail: tlbeaver@purdue.edu

  • Accounting: Account Clerk:
    Contact: Jody Auberry, Telephone: 765-494-1555
    E-mail: jauberry@purdue.edu

  • Accounting: Account Clerk:
    Contact: Sarah Betancourt, Telephone: 765-494-1576
    E-mail: smoreho@purdue.edu

  • Receptionist:
    Contact: Eszter Crouch, Telephone: 765-494-1492
    E-mail: crouch17@purdue.edu