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IRSS - Indiana Registry of Soil Scientists


What is IRSS?

The Indiana Registry of Soil Scientists is a program that establishes ethical standards and education, examination, and work experience criteria for the Indiana Registered Soil Scientists. Its purpose is to help protect the health and welfare of the people of Indiana and to protect its soil and water resources. Consulting soil scientists can do soil and landscape evaluations that have environmental implications.

Now, many evaluations are for onsite wastewater disposal (septic) systems. Soil evaluations are used to decide if a soil is suitable for an onsite system, determine the best design of a system, and inform system installers of soil problems they might encounter. If disposal systems are not suited to the soil or are improperly designed and installed, they may fail and cause pollution of surface or ground water. Thus, it is important to have soil and landscape investigations conducted by a competent soil scientist.

This website explains the credentials needed to become a Registered Soil Scientist, how to obtain the services of a IRSS, and how a soil scientist can become registered. It also has links to related programs and organizations.


Information about IRSS:

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