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Office of Indiana State Chemist Mission Statements


Pesticide Section:

The mission of the Office of Indiana State Chemist Pesticide Section is to protect the public and the environment by ensuring that pesticide products distributed within the state are properly formulated and labeled and that individuals who apply pesticides have met minimum competency standards, when required, and apply those pesticides without causing harm to people or the environment..

Feed Section:

This mission of the Office of Indiana State Chemist Feed Section is to assure that animal feeds (including pet foods) are truthfully labeled, nutritionally sound for their intended use, free of adulterants and unwanted contaminants. This is accomplished through inspection, education, technology, and through administrative review. Enlisting the involvement of industry, consumers, veterinarians, other state and federal regulators, and staff at Purdue University, the Feed Section investigates animal deaths, complaints of feed-related illness in animals, and other and adverse effects suspected as caused through feeds to discover problems and correct the situation.

Fertilizer Section:

The mission of the Office of Indiana State Chemist Fertilizer Section is consumer protection in the marketplace, to assure that fertilizer materials are true to claims made of the product. The Fertilizer Section also monitors safety in storage, handling, and use of fertilizer material (including anhydrous ammonia) to protect all who come in contact with the product and to safeguard the waters of the state.

Seed Section:

The mission of the Office of Indiana State Chemist Seed Section is to provide education and service to consumers of seed and the seed industry, assuring quality products of the highest integrity are available in the marketplace and are truthfully represented. The State Chemist serves as the Seed Commissioner administering this law. The Section also fulfills assigned responsibilities in seed arbitration and inspections under seed contracts.