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The feed section regulates commercial animal feeds; including pet and specialty pet food manufactured or distributed in Indiana.


Pet foods are a high priority in the feed program. Many pets are on a certain food or brand of food for their entire life. Making sure those foods are free of contaminants and are formulated to meet the pet's nutritional needs assures that our pet companions live long and healthy lives.

The purpose of the Indiana Commercial Feed Law (IC 15-5-3) is many fold. First and foremost, is the assurance of a safe human food supply of meat, milk and eggs, by assuring that animal feeds are safe. Inspections performed at feed manufacturing firms assure medications are used properly, feeds are free from adulterants or harmful contaminants, and that feeds are properly labeled for their intended use. Over 3,000 samples are collected and analyzed per year to assure they are free of contaminants and also were manufactured according to their label specifications.

We work closely with other Indiana departments and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to assure our goals are met. Protecting the animal and customer purchasing the feed are the cornerstone of the program.


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