Fertilizer Section - Fertilizer Advisory Board
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IC 15-16-2-25 Fertilizer Advisory Board

Sec. 25(a) The Indiana Fertilizer Advisory Board was established to study the regulation of fertilizers and to advise the State Chemist on the administration of this chapter.

Next Fertilizer Advisory Board Meeting:

Current Fertilizer Advisory Board Members:

Retail:  Doug Anderson, Brian Traylor
Manufacturing: Chuck Anderson
Producer: Sam Fry, Joe Russell *
Lawn Care: Bob Avenius
Purdue University School of Agriculture: Jim Camberato
Public Conservation: Amy Gregg
IPFAC (Indiana Plant Food & Agricultural Chemicals Association): Amy Cornell

IDEM (Indiana Department of Environmental Management): Julia Wickard
Fertilizer Administrator & Engineering Specialist: Matt Pearson
Livestock Industry: Joe Miller
Indiana State Department of Agriculture: Katie Nelson
* Chairperson

Need to contact the Fertilizer Advisory Board?  Contact Matt Pearson (E-mail: pearsonm@purdue.edu or phone: 765-494-1548)

Past Fertilizer Advisory Board Meetings: