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Office of the Indiana State Chemist - Fertilizer Section


The fertilizer section regulates the storage and distribution of commercial fertilizers in Indiana. The Office of Indiana State Chemist (OISC) is a member of AAPFCO, the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials.

The fertilizer law regulates not only the distribution of fertilizers, but also the storage of fertilizers as well. Fertilizers must be labeled truthfully and accurately and must be stored according to defined standards to prevent release into the environment.

IC 15-16-2-25 Fertilizer Advisory Board - Sec. 25(a) - The Indiana Fertilizer Advisory Board is established to study the regulation of fertilizers and to advise the State Chemist on the administration of this chapter. Please visit the Indiana Fertilizer Advisory Board page for information on the next Board meeting.

The IRSS webpage can now be found at: irss.purdue.edu


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