Fertilizer Section - Lawn Care Service Memo
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Lawn Care Service Memo

TO: All Persons Engaged in Lawn Care Service
RE: Indiana Statute I.C. 15-16-3, Commercial Lawn Care Service

The above referenced law requires licensing by the Indiana State Chemist of any person engaged in lawn care service before that person may distribute a tank mixed liquid fertilizer to private, institutional, or commercial entities for compensation to maintain and nourish turf, shrubbery, trees, and other plants.

To obtain a license, a person must:

  1. Already be licensed in Pesticide Category 3b - Turf Management; and
  2. Submit an application (Form LC-1) which shall include the name and address of the person applying for the license; and
  3. The name and address of each location from which the person will distribute tank mixed liquid fertilizer for this purpose; and
  4. Pay a fee of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) for each location specified in (2)
View the application - Form LC-1  (pdf, 146kb)

NOTE: Licenses expire on December 31 of each year.

A licensee will not be required to register tank mixed liquid fertilizers or pay an inspection fee or obtain a permit to report tonnages of tank mixed liquid fertilizer when the licensee is engaged in lawn care service. However, an annual accounting form (Form LC-2) of quantities of fertilizer materials used in mixed liquid fertilizer shall be reported by grade and county in which used no later than January 31 of each year upon forms provided by the State Chemist.

View the annual accounting form - Form LC-2  (pdf, 126kb)

Labeling requirements of the Indiana Commercial Fertilizer Law will continue as will all other provisions not exempted by this law.