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Indiana Hemp Regulatory Website

OISC is responsible for the licensing of agricultural hemp growers, handlers and seed producers. OISC does NOT regulate any finished hemp products intended for retail sale or purchase. Please visit our Hemp Resources page for more information.

Per the Industrial Hemp Bill, IC 15-15-13, hemp is subject to regulation by the state seed commissioner. All growers and handlers must obtain a license. Those engaged in the production of agricultural hemp seed must also have an agricultural hemp seed production license.

Grower: This includes Agricultural Hemp Seed Production grower activity, clone production, whether in a field or a greenhouse or other enclosed facility. (IC 15-15-13-4, IC 15-15-13-7(b), IC 15-15-13-9).

Handler: This includes processing, drying and transporting for others, etc. (IC 15-15-13-5, IC 15-15-13-7(b), IC 15-15-13-9.

How to Register

OISC will license hemp growers and handlers under IC 15-15-13 and Hemp Emergency Rules. The hemp licensing and crop management software is the only avenue for obtaining a valid Indiana Hemp License and reporting on mandatory actions.

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Grower/Handler Documents:

Ten Questions to Ask Before Growing Hemp - Bolt (pdf, 133kb)

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