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Indiana Hemp Regulatory Website

On December 20, 2018, the President of the United States signed the 2019 Farm Bill, which authorizes states to implement a hemp (= industrial hemp) program under the oversight of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, including removal of hemp from the definition of marijuana - a Schedule I drug. This change will allow commercialization of hemp as a legitimate agricultural crop separate from marijuana. Marijuana is still illegal to grow in Indiana.

On March 26, 2014, Governor Mike Pence signed the "Industrial Hemp" bill into law, IC 15-15-13, authorizing the Office of Indiana State Chemist & Seed Commissioner to obtain the necessary permits and authorizations for and production and regulation of industrial hemp in Indiana.

Section 1: Authorities in Law


Indiana's USDA Approved Plan Documents:

Section 2: Frequently Asked Questions and Indiana Hemp Websites:

Section 3: Applications for Grower/Handler of Hemp with University Researcher/Research Advisors  

OISC will license hemp growers and handlers under IC 15-15-13 and Hemp Emergency Rules.

The Hemp Licensing and Crop Management Software is ready for renewals and new licenses!

If you had a 2022 Indiana Hemp License, you are already a registered user - please refer to the e-mail that was sent to that 2022 registered e-mail address to renew.

DO NOT APPLY for a renewal until the 2022 License Required Actions have all been taken care of and your year is finalized in all areas!

For new users, please follow the link below to register an account and start the licensing process:

Hemp Licensing and Crop Management Software:

NOTE: All growers or handlers must pass an FBI background check to be licensed to grow or handle, process, transport or test hemp. This background check must be completed within 60 days of your application per USDA rules. It is suggested that you do this electronically, as wait times for mailed background check forms is 2-4 weeks.

FBI Background Check Information:


Grower/Handler Documents:

Section 4: Federal (USDA, FDA, EPA) Comments, Hemp Guidance, and Policy Announcements:

FDA Hearing Comments (July 25, 2019):

USDA Comments:

FDA Comments:

DEA Comments:

FTC Comments:


Section 5: Research Links for Hemp

Section 6: Seed & Seed Labeling of Hemp

Section 7: EPA & Pesticide Use in Hemp

Section 8: General Information: