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Category 7b - Termite Control

Category 7b includes: commercial applicators (for hire, not for hire, and government employees) and businesses using pesticides (insecticides, termiticides, fungicides, etc.) in or around structures to control or prevent wood destroying pests such as termites, wood boring beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and wood decay fungus. It includes individuals who, in addition to using pesticides, may also do real estate inspections and reports for wood infesting pests as part of a real estate transaction.

It does not include applications for cockroaches, fleas, rodents and other non-wood infesting pests (Category 7a).

Certification, Applications, Licensing, Insurance, Testing Information:

Supervision Fact Sheet(s):

NPMA-33 (National Pest Management Association) Information:

A newly revised form NPMA-33 was released for use in July 2019. The previous version of this form became obsolete on December 31, 2019. Because neither Indiana law or regulations mandate a specific form be used for reporting on wood destroying pest inspections, existing stocks of the old version of this form may continue to be used, as long as your customers are willing to accept them. Those interested in ordering the newly revised form may contact:

Termite Pre-Treat:

SPILL REPORTING (24 HOUR) Call 1-888-233-7745