Pesticide Section - IPRB (Indiana Pesticide Review Board)
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Indiana Pesticide Review Board (IPRB)


The IPRB must meet at least annually, but may meet at other times and at locations specified by the IPRB chair or a majority of the IPRB members. Typically the IPRB meets at least quarterly each year. Minutes and related materials from past meetings dating back through 2015 are available at:

Next Meeting: July 10, 2024 (9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.)

Location: Daniels Turf Research & Diagnostic Center, 1340 Cherry Lane, West Lafayette, IN 47907

Meeting Documents:

Creation and Membership

The IPRB was established by state pesticide law IC 15-16-4-42, over forty years ago. The IPRB consists of 17 to 18 governor-appointed voting members and three non-voting advisory members. Voting members are appointed to four year terms and may be reappointed by the Governor.


Members are designated to represent a variety of stakeholder groups, state agencies, and scientific disciplines. Nine members of the IPRB represent a quorum, and all official actions are subject to approval by a simple majority of Board members present at a called meeting. A current listing of membership information can be found at:

Rule Making Authority and Responsibilities:

The IPRB is authorized by IC 15-16-4-48 to collect, analyze, and interpret information on matters relating to the registration and use of pesticides.

The IPRB is authorized by IC 15-16-4-50 to:

The IPRB is prohibited by IC 15-16-4-52.5 to adopt rules, requirements, or limitations on general use pesticide (GUP) storage, distribution, use, application, or record keeping for persons issued a permit, certificate, or license by OISC that is more stringent than requirements or limitations under federal law or rules or Indiana statutory law.

The IPRB is authorized by IC 15-16-5-44 to adopt rules prescribing policies and procedures relating to use, application, storage, distribution and recordkeeping of restricted use pesticides.

The IPRB is authorized by IC 15-16-5-64 to adopt rules governing the production, transportation, storage, handling, and disposal of pesticide products and containers.

Review of State Chemist Actions:

The IPRB is charged by IC 15-16-4-64.5 and IC 15-16-5-67 to conduct a hearing in response to an appeal for a review of a State Chemist decision or action. The appeal and review process is intended for any person regulated under the state pesticide law and aggrieved by any decision of the State Chemist. The aggrieved party must file a written petition with the IPRB within thirty days of the State Chemist decision. After hearing the appeal, the IPRB must affirm, set aside, or modify the action of the State Chemist.