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Pesticide Use at Schools

All pesticide applications to school property (both buildings and grounds used for the instructions and recreation of students) must be performed by certified and licensed applicators or employees operating under the direct supervision of those certified and licensed applicators. This includes any pesticide applications by school staff (including teachers), hired contractors (pest management professionals, pest control operators, lawn care professionals, etc.), and volunteers working for the school or the school's athletic department. Pesticide "use" includes any application, mixing, loading, storage, transportation or disposal of pesticides at the school.


Rule Information:

General Information:

Recordkeeping by Schools:

For any pesticides applied at a school the school corporation or the pesticide contractor hired by the school must keep written/printed/electronic records of each pesticide application for at least two (2) years. Those records must also be made available to anyone for inspection or copying upon request. The information that must be kept as part of this record includes the following:


  1. name or address of school;
  2. applicator information (name, license #, name of non-certified helper);
  3. date & time of pesticide application;
  4. pest(s) being targeted (i.e. weeds, bedbugs, fleas, roaches, ants…);
  5. description of application area (i.e. football field, fence lines, kitchen…)
  6. pesticide(s) to be used (brand name, EPA reg. no. & manufacturer); and
  7. amount of pesticide (i.e. total oz/lbs/gal of concentrate OR diluted mixture).

NOTE: The recordkeeping information above is almost the same as the advance notification registry information found under "General Information" above.

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