Pesticide Section - Childcare Policies
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Childcare Facility Pest Control Policies

The Indiana Pesticide Review Board is made up of over 20 (twenty) members appointed by the Governor. The Board is charged with developing pesticide regulation and pesticide policy for the State of Indiana. The Board has worked closely with the Office of Indiana State Chemist, child care professionals, lawn care and pest control professionals, and other agencies and advocacy groups to develop the Model Pest Control Policy for Indiana Child Care Facilities  (pdf, 34kb).

This model policy is not currently required by law or regulation. It has been developed and is being promoted for consideration of voluntary adoption and implementation by all child care facilities in Indiana.

In addition, to Board and State Chemist policies, it should be noted that a rule (470 IAC 3-4.7-100) under the administration of the Division of Family Services prohibits the application of lawn care, insect and rodent control chemicals at a child care center when children are present.