Pesticide Section - How do I Become a Certified & Licensed Fertilizer Applicator?
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Becoming a Certified & Licensed Fertilizer Applicator

Individuals seeking fertilizer certification must pass a written category 14 exam covering fertilizer application planning, storage, application equipment maintenance, transportation, application techniques, and environmental concerns.

Certification candidates may attempt the Category 14 exam up to three times in a twelve-month period. Once the exam is passed, the certification is valid for five years, expiring on December 31 of the fourth year following the year of qualification.

View details on scheduling an exam

Certification may be renewed for another five years by repeating the examination process or accumulating at least three (3) category 14 continuing certification hours (CCHs) by attending approved recertification training programs.

View details on continuing certification programs

Once certified, a commercial Category 14 fertilizer applicator must become licensed in order to legally use (apply, handle, transport) or supervise the use of commercial fertilizers or manure from a CFO (Confined Feeding Operation) for hire. Licensing refers to the issuance of a wallet-size license (credential). Licenses expire and are renewable annually on December 31.

View the license application form  (pdf, 24kb)