Pesticide Law & Rules - Table of Contents
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Pesticide Laws & Regulations

There are two state pesticide laws in Indiana. These are the Indiana Pesticide Registration Law (IC 15-16-4) and the Indiana Pesticide Use and Application Law (IC 15-16-5). In addition, there are a number of rules that have been developed under those two laws to further define regulatory requirements.

Following is a Table of Contents for each of those laws and rules.  You can view the law and/or rule documents by clicking on the title of each law or rule. The pdf document that opens contains a Table of Contents which will allow you to "jump" to each Section/Title. 

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View the IC 15-16-4 Pesticides Law  (pdf, 160kb)


View the IC 15-16-5 Pesticide Use and Application Law


View the Certification and Licensing Rules (355)

View the Storage and Secondary Containment of Pesticides Rules (355) 

View the Pesticide Review Board Rules (357)