Pesticide Section - Lawn Posting and Notification Requirements
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Lawn Posting and Notification Requirements

At the time of each for hire lawn (turf) pesticide application, the licensed Category 3b applicator or registered technician must do BOTH of the following:

  1. Place a lawn marker (posting flag) at a conspicuous point of access to the lawn. The lawn marker must meet the following minimum criteria:

    1. At least 4 by 5 inches in size

    2. Weather resistant material

    3. Contrasting lettering and background

    4. Minimum 3/8 inch letters that reads "LAWN CARE APPLICATION - KEEP OFF THE GRASS"

    5. Placed from 6 to 18 inches above the turf on a non-metallic support; and
  2. Give to or leave for the customer a written statement (notification) that contains the following:

    1. Business name and telephone number of the licensed business;

    2. Signature and license number or registration number of the licensed applicator or registered technician who made the application;

    3. Date and time of the application;

    4. Type(s) of pesticide application service(s) and brand name(s) of pesticide(s) applied, which shall be listed, at a minimum, as one or more of the following:

      1. Grassy weed control (brand name)

      2. Broadleaf weed control (brand name)

      3. Insect control (brand name)

      4. Disease control (brand name)

      5. Other pest control that is not adequately described above
    5. Post application safety precautions taken from the label for each pesticide applied;

    6. Instructions to the customer to remove the lawn marker no sooner than the day following the application;

    7. Instructions to the customer to contact the business telephone number if more specific information is desired regarding the pesticide product(s) applied.