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Pesticide Drift Enforcement Policy

The following policy was reviewed and formally approved by the Indiana Pesticide Review Board on February 23, 1994. It is intended to provide response guidance to the Office of Indiana State Chemist personnel and the public in addressing off-target movement of pesticides resulting from drift. This policy embodies the concepts of due care and non-negligent use of pesticides while seeking a goal of minimization of off-target movement recognizing individual concerns, pesticide product labeling statements, and environmental and property protection needs.

"Pesticide Drift" shall mean the physical movement through the air at the time of application of a pesticide from the site of application to any non-target site in sufficient quantities to cause injury to the non-target site, as a result of the application being made:

  1. In a manner inconsistent with drift control recommendations on the pesticide product label; or

  2. In a careless or negligent manner, and shall not mean the off-target movement of a pesticide by erosion, volatility, or windblown soil particles at a time after the application is made.

"Sufficient Quantity to Cause Injury" shall mean an amount of pesticide which will cause:

  1. Pesticide residues in excess of the established tolerance for the pesticide on the particular non-target agricultural commodity; or

  2. Death, stunting, deformation, or other effects which are detrimental to the off-target environment including humans, desirable plants, animals or wildlife.