Pesticide Section - Private Applicator Use Records
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Private Applicator Use Records

355 IAC 4-4-1.5 Private applicator use records

Sec. 1.5

  1. All private applicators pr their employees shall keep and maintain records of all applications of pesticides classified for restricted use.
    Such records shall provide the following:

    1. Name and address of customer and address or location description of site of application, if different.

    2. Name and certification number (or certification number of the supervising certified applicator) of the person making the application.

    3. Date of application (Month, day and year).

    4. Type of plants, crop, animals, commodity, stored product, or sites treated and principal pests to be controlled.

    5. Acreage, area, or number of plants or animals treated or other appropriate description.

    6. Pesticide applied including name of the manufacturer, EPA registration number, and brand name (including formulation if specifically identified in the brand name).

    7. Amount used - expressed as either:

      1. Concentrate - give total quantity of formulation applied (pounds, gallons, etc.); or

      2. Diluted mixture (ready to use) - give total amount applied and active ingredient concentration (percentage).
  2. The records to be maintained under this section shall be recorded by the thirtieth day from the date of application and be kept and maintained for a period of two (2) years.

  3. Written or electronic information which includes all of the items in subsection (a) and used to create the records shall be maintained from the date of application until the collective written record required is generated.

355 IAC 4-4-2 Record inspection; availability

Sec. 2
  1. All required records and information shall upon written or oral request, be made available for inspection and copying by the state chemist or his authorized agent. The person requesting the records must present his or her credentials prior to the release of records.

  2. No government agency shall release information obtained under this rule that would directly or indirectly reveal the identify of producers of commodities to which restricted use pesticides have been applied. However, information collected by the state chemist during the course of a complaint or damage investigation shall not be subject to this restriction of release.

  3. When a licensed health care professional determines that information required to be maintained as part of these records is necessary to provide medical treatment to an individual who may have been exposed to the pesticide, the state chemist or the private or commercial applicator shall provide the requested information.

  4. As used in this rule, "Licensed health care professional" means a physician, nurse, emergency medical technician, or other qualified individual licensed by a state to provide medical treatment.

  5. No licensed health care professional shall release any record or information from any record obtained under subsection (c) except as necessary to provide medical treatment to an individual who may have been exposed to the restricted use pesticide for which the record is maintained.