Pesticide Section - Recordkeeping
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Records of Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP) use and sales are required to be kept for 2 years. Additionally, records of ALL pesticide use (including General Use Pesticides) occurring at schools, golf courses and for termite control must be kept for 2 years. The data elements are listed on these corresponding pages. No specific form is required and the data can be kept electronically.

Recordkeeping by Farmers (Private Applicators):

This summary and interpretive guidance relates to the Indiana recordkeeping regulation (355 IAC 4-4) for use of restricted use pesticides (RUP) by private applicators. It is suggested that both this summary and the regulation be reviewed in their entirety for a full understanding of the recordkeeping requirements.

View the Private Applicator Recordkeeping regulation.

Section 1.5:

Section 2:

Specific questions about the requirements or requests for acceptable recordkeeping forms or guidelines may be directed to your local Cooperative Extension Service Office or George Saxton (of OISC) at Telephone: 765-494-1582 or by e-mail:

Recordkeeping by Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP) Dealers:

Each registered RUP dealer location must keep records of all RUP sales for at least two (2) years from the date of sale/distribution. The records must include the following:

*Records can be kept electronically or on paper. No specific State form is required*

  1. Name of the certified applicator for whom the purchase or distribution is being made.
  2. Certification, license, or permit number of the certified applicator.
  3. If other than from the state chemist, the state, tribe or federal agency that issued the certification.
  4. Certification, license, or permit expiration date of the certified applicator.
  5. Certification, license, or permit categories of the certified applicator.
  6. Address of the certified applicator or application business that employs the certified applicator.
  7. Date of distribution.
  8. Brand name of the pesticide product.
  9. EPA registration number of the pesticide product.
  10. Amount of pesticide product distributed.
  11. Any applicable emergency exemption or state special local need registration number.
  12. Signature or verifiable confirmation of the person presenting the certification credentials, ordering or taking delivery of the product.

Recordkeeping by Specific Categories:

All of these categories have the same recordkeeping requirements.

Recordkeeping for Golf Courses only:

Recordkeeping by Schools:

For any pesticides applied at a school the school corporation or the pesticide contractor hired by the school must keep written/printed/electronic records of each pesticide application for at least two (2) years. Those records must also be made available to anyone for inspection or copying upon request. The information that must be kept as part of this record includes the following:


  1. name or address of school;
  2. applicator information (name, license #, name of non-certified helper);
  3. date & time of pesticide application;
  4. pest(s) being targeted (i.e. weeds, bedbugs, fleas, roaches, ants…);
  5. description of application area (i.e. football field, fence lines, kitchen…)
  6. pesticide(s) to be used (brand name, EPA reg. no. & manufacturer); and
  7. amount of pesticide (i.e. total oz/lbs/gal of concentrate OR diluted mixture).

Note: The recordkeeping information above is similar to the advance notification registry information found here: Pesticide Notification Registry (pdf, 33kb)

More information: Recordkeeping by Schools (pdf, 29kb)