Pesticide Section - Commercial Applicator Recordkeeping Summary
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Recordkeeping for Commercial Applicators at Golf Courses

This summary and interpretive guidance relates to the Indiana Golf Course Recordkeeping Regulation. It is suggested that both this summary and the regulation be reviewed in their entirety for a full understanding of the recordkeeping requirements.


View the recordkeeping section of the Golf Course Regulation  (pdf, 9kb) (357 IAC 1-15-4)


Records are to be kept by all commercial applicators applying pesticides on golf course turf areas. This requirement became effective in 2010. The specific records to be kept are identified on the sample recordkeeping form. View the sample recordkeeping form [pdf; 15 kb] 

These records are to be kept for at least two (2) years. The final records must be created within 30 days of the application. However, documentation used to create the complete final records must be kept from the date of application until the final record is completed. Records need not be kept on a special form, but use of a form designed for this purpose is certainly acceptable.

These records must, upon request, be made available for inspection or copying to: