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Supervision of Non-Certified Pesticide Applicators

  1. All for-hire pesticide applications and all applications of Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP) must be made by certified and licensed applicators or by employees working under the direct supervision of a certified and licensed supervisor.

  2. "Direct Supervision" of non-certified pesticide applicators may be accomplished by either of the following:

    1. The certified supervisor is continuously on-site with the non-certified applicator while the pesticide is in use, OR

    2. The certified supervisor provides his/her registered technician [View details on becoming a registered technician] all of the following:

      1. Labels of the products being used;

      2. Label required personal protective equipment (safety gear);

      3. Instructions on how to and the means (telephone, radio, etc.) to establish direct voice communication with the supervisor while the pesticide is in use (for more information about direct voice communication: View Policy Statement 01-1231; Establishment of Direct Voice Communication with the Supervising Certified Applicator  (pdf, 34kb);


      4. A printed industry-specific site assessment fact sheet (see below).

Select a Site Assessment Fact Sheet: