Pesticide Section - Supervision of Non-Certified Fertilizer Appilcators
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Supervision of Non-Certified Fertilizer Applicators

  1. All for-hire fertilizer use (application, handling, transporting) and all use of manure from a Confined Fertilizer Operation (CFO) must be performed by certified and licensed applicators or by trained employees working under the direct supervision of a certified and licensed supervisor.

  2. Direct supervision of non-certified fertilizer applicators may be accomplished by the certified applicator:

    1. Ensuring the non-certified employee has received OISC-approved training. View Training Requirements for Non-certified Employees Using Fertilizer Materials for Agricultural Crop Production  (pdf, 35kb);

    2. Keeping a record of the employee training;

    3. Providing the employee with equipment and instructions to:

      1. contact the supervisor; and

      2. contact IDEM to report spills;
    4. Making employee work assignments; and

    5. Knowing status of work assignments.