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Obtaining a Fertilizer Business License

Any person (individual, partnership, corporation, etc.) who uses (applies, handles, transports) or distributes commercial fertilizer or manure from a Confined Feeding Operation (CFO) for hire to the property of another or who advertises that they apply or distribute fertilizer for hire must obtain a fertilizer business license from the Office of Indiana State Chemist (OISC). To obtain a fertilizer business license, a firm must:

  1. Employ at least one category 14 certified applicator. A fertilizer business license and an applicator license are separate and distinct. An applicator license can be issued only to a category 14 certified applicator.

    View details on becoming a certified and licensed applicator

  2. Submit a completed license application form and license fee (one application is used for both the business license and the applicator license).

    View the license application form  (pdf, 30kb)

Fertilizer Distributors Only

View details for the Fertilizer Distributor License

NOTE: This license is for distribution ONLY. Distribution includes offer to sell, sell, exchange, barter, supply, or offer to supply.  It does not include use activities such as applying, handling, and transporting fertilizer to the application or staging/storage site. No category 14 certification is required for a distribution only business license.

View the license application form  (pdf, 30kb)